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Torsten Sauer 

Dipl.-Ing. (TU degree) in communications engineering 1994 

Vocational training in communications engineering and telecommunications construction


Universal with a focus on communication and LAN/WAN infrastructure (design, planning, consulting, testing, commissioning, migration, documentation) 

System specialist in the areas of active components (routers, switches, etc.) and network protocols (IPv4, IPv6, OSI, OSPF, BGP, VPN, etc.)


troubleshooting in complex networks including end devices, 

coordination and consolidation with manufacturers Second and third level support.

Conceptual IT consulting with a focus on
- LAN/WAN infrastructure

- communication concepts (backup, redundancies, management) 

- product selection in the area of routers, switches etc.
- Planning and implementation of complex structures (VLAN, Spanning Tree etc.) 

- Tools / Security (Cisco TACACS+, Cisco Works, VPN/IPSec etc.) 

- Comprehensive documentation, operating manuals, SLA creation 

Engineering in the IT area: 

- Software and hardware tests 

- Setup of test lab environments 

- Network protocol tests 

- VPN, RAS, Firewall, IPSec, VLAN, Spanning Tree, OSI, HSRP concepts, routing protocols, optimization of systems


At a large telecommunications company in NRW (2001 - today) 

Support in setting up a data center Migration of services Relocation of services System environment: Cisco, Nortel, SUN and others 

At a German charter airline based in Hesse (2019 - 2020)

Support in the network environment, migration and conversion of the backbone infrastructure, development of a VPN infrastructure

System environment: Cisco, Fortinet and others

At a large tourism company in Hesse (1999-2001, 2017-2019) 

Collaboration in the planning and installation of a nationwide backbone incl. provider change at the IT subsidiary in the UK 

Tests of VPN solutions and VPN platforms incl. authentication procedures 

Concept development and implementation of a new allocation of IP addresses (approx. 30,000 clients) 

Creation of manuals 

Technical consulting for the renewal of the local infrastructure 

Conversion of the network structure from TR to Ethernet 

Planning and development of a VLAN structure based on Fast Ethernet (approx. 2000 users) 

Presentations to the board of directors 

Collaboration in the organization and implementation of IT outsourcing 

System environment: Cisco, SUN, OpenSource 

At a large airline in Hesse (1996-1999) 

Collaboration in the planning, installation and operation of a worldwide IP and OSI network Planning and construction of a Germany-wide backbone Operational support of the networks 

Planning and construction of a routing network based on OSPF 

System environment: Nortel, Cisco 

At a large bank in Hesse (1995-1996) 

Operation of the backbone upgrades (hardware and software) 

At a large mail order company in Saxony (1994-1995) 

Setup and commissioning of the network 

Various smaller jobs such as creation of manuals, advice on product selection, protocol analyses etc.


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